Success Stories

Denise Vogel delivers a breath of fresh air to Social Media training.  Denise's extensive background in education and technology, as well her passion for the travel business create an enlightenment in her training sessions and seminars that inspires travel professionals to grow their business through Social Media.  Denise and Click of the Mouse have worked with Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, (anyone else you have worked with even if not in travel)  to build relationships and word of mouth sales through social media.
Marilyn Massaro
Manager, Training and Development
Celebrity Cruises
What sets Denise apart as a social media trainer is that she focuses on the practical knowledge agents need - not pie-in-the-sky theories about social media, but the nitty-gritty, day-by-day, "step 1, step 2" stuff that agents must know and do to get more clients and grow their businesses. She shows you what to do and tells you how to do it, so you can use social media immediately in your travel business.
John Hawks
Thank you, Denise Vogel,  for always offering great training ideas and excellent training tools for OSSN members to explore.  Your approach to teaching others is one that has been appreciated throughout the several years that you have been working side by side with
OSSN members.  Whether it is teaching individuals or groups, you always make agents feel comfortable AND accomplished!
From all of your good friends at OSSN,
Melody Fee, Vice President
Denise Vogel's expertise in Facebook, Twitter and other social media resources is top notch.  Her commitment to keep up with the latest features in social networking and assist her clients in effectively utilizing those features to increase awareness of their business brand, makes her an invaluable asset to any business owner's marketing team. In a customer service-centered business such as mine, the quality I have found most valuable is Denise's keen sense of the customer's voice and mindset. Her recommendations encompass both internal and external internet marketing, helping to reach new clients and keep existing clients engaged and excited to spread word of your business to their social connections. Denise is much more than an internet savvy social media expert; she is an honest, caring business woman who passionately works to help her clients reap the rewards of social media outreach. I recommend her services with nothing less than the utmost confidence and enthusiasm to other business owners.
Marissa Lavin, MPH
AAPT-Prenatal and Post-partum Specialist
I just finished the FB Timeline & Pinterest training.  It was really great…so much info!!  I have to commend you for being on top of the social media scene.  Things are ever changing and it really is challenging trying to keep up.  That being said, I appreciate the training that you share with us as agents.
Kem White
Travel Consultant, Koda Vacations
RI Chapter Director, OSSN
Hi Denise,
I cannot not thank you enough for coming to my rescue with my Facebook Business Page. I had no clue how to help create it in time for the timeline. I did not understand the theory behind it on how to make my business and personal pages come together or to create a beautiful timeline that I am now happy to display. I had stopped using Facebook because I felt it was impossible to get it going to where I would be happy with it to be able to invite my friends and clients to follow me. You showed me how to use it and to understand how and what to display for my clients and followers. Now you have been showing me how to use Pinterest to even add more to my Facebook pages. It is so exciting that I am afraid I won't be able to keep off of this! I recommend anyone who needs extra training with Facebook, Pinterest or anything else to turn to Denise. She teaches in a way that you will understand with hands on that will help you to understand what you are doing. She follows up with you and also sends you detail training scripts to answer your questions in a way you will understand.
Joy Cardarelle-Ross
Travel Journeys
Castle Rock, CO

Hi Denise,

I finally was able to listen to your webinar and I must thank you. I learned more on your webinair than I have learned attending tons of seminars. Thank you for offering up your expertise.
Julianne Butler
Worldseeker Travel, Inc.