About Me

Denise Vogel, Click of the Mouse

Hello, my name is Denise Vogel and I am the proud owner of Click of the Mouse, LLC

David, my husband and Lilly, our long hair dapple dachshund live in sunny Jupiter, FL, not more than 3 miles to the beach and the St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Stadium.   In our spare time, you can usually find all of us on the beach, or on the water (kayaking, and honing my photography skills).  Jupiter is one of a few towns that allow pets on the beach, and we fell in love with the town at first light.

Lilly & Dave (hugs)

I decided to make my health and happiness paramount because life depended on it, so over the course of the past two years, I lost 100lbs,  gained a whole new perspective  (clean eating) and  a LOT more energy.  Now I eat a lot more apples  and  continue my progress through Fitness Re-defined.

My journey began  in the creation of Click of the Mouse while I was teaching school in Chesterfield MO in 1987.  I took a travel agent course through Liberty Travel and began working part-time as a travel agent in a brick and mortar business.  It was fun assisting clients as they walked through the doors to help plan their dream vacations. But I have to tell you even back then, I knew there had to be a better way.  A better way to connect with clients, get to know them and then assist them.   During my teaching part of the day, I integrated technology into our classroom for math and social studies with “lemonade stand’ and “Where in the World is Carmen Santiago” computer programs - all on floppy disks.

Our adventure continued when we decided to move to Florida in 1992.  And by chance, while walking on the beach our puppy Daisy ran up to a couple sitting on the beach that were about to eat their pizza.  Not sure if it was fate or not, but couple were the owners of Outside Sales Support Network.  We talked for a while, next thing I knew, I began working with them in their office.   Later, I moved on to more creative projects, such as creating the OSSN Newsletters, brochures and other marketing materials.  Over the last several years, I taught several of their seminar at sea programs and was a technology and social media presenter at their conferences.

After a while, my education background was calling and I returned to the classroom.  There I  was totally immersed in teaching technology to students and adults.  Teaching computer education lead to becoming a network administrator for the private school with over 200 computers and two servers,  while at the same time, I still continued to teach to students  computer skills from Prekindergarten through adult classes.

But the two sides of me had to eventually come together again and that is how Click of the Mouse was born in 2008  and I am loving it!  First my classes were all technology based but when social media arrived on the scene it was time connect with our clients in a more meaningful way.  The social media scene allowed for small business to have an advantage over larger companies.   The "field was leveled' and talking with your clients through social media became the norm.  Now, I get to assist travel professionals on how to take on social media and it’s applications without it taking over their lives.  And the rest of the story is to be written...

Working out for JDR at FR

Hugs from Lilly